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Winter Home Readiness

winter home heating preperation with Shakley Mechanical
Winter Home Readiness and Preperation
While we're enjoying the final warm days of summer, it's important to think about the looming cool temperatures. We like to remind homeowners to switch their home furnace on before it's time to need it, even just for a few hours. This lets you know everything is in working order, and time to fix anything that isn't quite right. Sure, you'll be able to tell if it's putting out warm air but there's much more to check before winter sets in.

There are a few things that should ideally be done before switching your furnace on for a trial run.

1. Change your filters - You'll want to be sure your furnace has new filters for its sake, and your own. A clean filter ensures that excess dust and dirt particles don't make their way into your furnace causing build-up. They also help keep dirt, dust, and other airborne allergens out and keep your air quality high. Filters should be changed continually ever 2-3 months during use.

2. Clean the furnace - Cleaning areas like that coils and airflow vents can help your furnace work properly. If you notice buildup, take a clean rag and wipe them down. You will want to be sure the furnace is not running and cool before cleaning.

3. Remove items stored nearby - While your furnace has been out of use, there might have been a collection of random things stored just a little too close. Keeping things too close or even touching the furnace is a serious fire hazard. You should also check to be sure the air ducts and vents are not blocked.

Once your furnace is on and running, it is a great time to check out a few other potential problem areas.

1. Check for cool air drafts - Since your home is full of warm air, you'll be able to recognize areas that have cooler air running across them. Make a plan to seal or repair these areas. Windows and doors are the most common draft culprits.

2. Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Replace the batteries in your home's CO2 detectors to keep your family protected from any potential risk if a leak occurs. After installing new batteries, you'll want to test the detector to the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Check the Thermostat - Making sure the thermostat is accurately calibrated and is reading temperature correctly can save you on energy costs. A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to a furnace running more than necessary, or not enough making you crank the temperature to stay warm.

If you notice issues with your furnace, or just want the peace of mind, a seasonal furnace tune-up with Haas Heating and Cooling can give you just that. If you have any specific concerns, we ask that you write them down so you can remember to discuss them with your technician. Remember that sometimes, it is better to have a new furnace installed before you're left in the cold.


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