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3 Tips for Preventing Commercial Plumbing Emergencies

 You know how much of a nightmare plumbing emergencies can be at your own home. Busted pipes, extreme clogs, etc. can lead to water damage, unusable utilities and ultimately, tons of money spent. Now imagine the hassle that plumbing emergencies can cause for business owners!  While we at Shakely Mechanical certainly do work for residential areas, we are also proud to come to the rescue when commercial clients need our help. We have even worked with franchises such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Ruby Tuesdays, and Taco Bell! We mention these businesses by name because as restaurants, they may be more prone to having plumbing issues. Their kitchens are constantly active, and their bathrooms see a ton of use from their customers all day long. So how can a commercial building prevent plumbing emergencies from happening in the first place? Here are three main tips. 1. Be sure that only the appropriate materials are being flushed! You can trust yourself and your employees to know proper etiquet
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How to Avoid Furnace Repairs

       As one of the most important appliances in your home, the furnace plays a vital role in helping you stay comfortable. Replacing a furnace can unexpectedly cost you up to thousands of dollars that you aren't prepared to pay for at the moment. It's worth it to stay on top of your furnace's condition so you can do the necessary preparation for when you need to replace the unit. In order to save you money in the long-term, here are a few ways to ensure that your furnace doesn't break  down at an inopportune time.      Seasonal Check Ups      It may have never crossed your mind to have a scheduled maintenance visit if your furnace works every time you turn your heat on. Getting a regular tune-up can help you avoid costly repairs, avoid emergency breakdowns, and allow your heating system to last a lot longer. If the furnace experiences a break down in the middle of the night or on a cold day of the year, you will be left scrambling to call for help. Instead, schedule a

Seasonal Plumbing Tips For Winter

      Most people underestimate the value of having good, solid piping and structure in their homes. Ultimately, having a good understanding of plumbing and the problems that come along with it can help you greatly in the future. Winter is here to stay and frozen pipes are bound to become an issue in many homes across the country. Stay ahead of the curve with these tips on how to prevent or at least minimize the damage that can be done to the plumbing.      Holiday visitors can add extra strain to a home's plumbing system. Cooking a slew of meals in the kitchen likely results in lots of grease and food being thrown into the disposal or sink drain. Holiday guests also equate to more showers and baths as well as extra toilet flushes. This all adds up to a potential plumbing disaster. Pipes clog because of gradual build up of grease, hair, soap and food particles. It doesn't take much to cause an emergency.      1. Try to avoid pouring fats or cooking oil down the drain. Liquid fa

Your Furnace & You: A Heating Story

 Winter is steadily creeping up on Ohio residents and it's that time of year to be thinking about your furnace. How long have I had it? Do I need to get it replaced? Why is it so cold one day and boiling hot the next? If you're asking these questions to your self, or you have an imaginary friend on your should speaking it to you, either way you should look no further than Shakley Mechanical to put your mind at ease.  Discover which type of furnace you nee today!     Before purchasing a new  furnace, you need to decide what type of furnace you need. There are three types of furnaces: single-stage, two-stage or a modulating furnace.  A single - stage furnace is either always on or off. This means that it's always pumping at the hottest air at the highest velocity possible. It is quite noisy though and it is known to be very inconsistent with it's temperatures  So if you have a finished basement or thin walls, this may be a deterrent for you. On the flip side, it is on the

Save on a New Furnace

You go to turn on the heat and your house just isn't getting warm like it used to. That furnace has been in the house longer than you have, so it looks like it is time to replace it. Buying a new furnace is a big investment, but there are ways to save some money, both now and in the long run. First, you need to decide between a singe-stage or two-stage furnace. A traditional single-stage furnace runs the burner at full blast and shuts off until heat is called for. It costs $500 less than a two-stage furnace, but the trade-off is lower energy efficiency, hot and cold spots, and inconsistent temperatures. A two-stage furnace has a high and a low burner setting. It normally runs on low unless full blast is needed. It costs $500 more than a single-stage unit, but it delivers consistent heat, which means fewer drafts and temperature swings, and is quiet and energy efficient. Another way to save money is to find out the right size of furnace for your home. You may actually need a smaller

Fall Care of Your Central Air

Summer is in its waning days, and the air is turning cooler. You might have actually turned off the air conditioner and just let it stay at the ambient temperature in your home. But before you say "see you later" to your central air unit, it needs a little TLC in the fall. Here are some tips to care for your unit so that when warm weather arrives again next year, it'll be in tip-top condition to work efficiently. 1. Clean out the area around the unit.  During the year, bushes can start to grow towards your unit, leaves can blow in, or small twigs can get lodged in places, causing its efficiency to be affected. Clear debris from around the unit and keep vegetation at least 2 feet away. 2. Call in the pros. Once a year, have a licensed professional perform a full inspection on your air conditioning units. This will involve cleaning and flushing the condenser coils, draining the pan and drainage system, vacuuming the blower compartments, and checking the refrigerant and mec

Fun Plumbing Facts!

We use plumbing every single day, oftentimes in more way than one. Despite the importance and prominence of modern plumbing in our lives, many people don't know very much about it.Shakley Mechanical strives to educate our clients on plumbing, how it works, and the best ways to care for your  residential and commercial plumbing . Are you interested in knowing more about your plumbing? If you answered yes, here are a few little known facts about  modern plumbing. 1. If you have a leaky faucet that drips just twice an hour, in one week you will have wasted OVER one gallon of water. 2. There is a long time saying that if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, water will flow the opposite direction of here in the Northern Hemisphere. This is false! Water is free moving and can flow in either direction wherever it is in the world. 3. Standardized plumbing can be traced back to around 3,000 B.C. to the Indus River Valley civilizations. 4. The flushing toilet wasn't invented until 1596 by