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3 Tips for Preventing Commercial Plumbing Emergencies

 You know how much of a nightmare plumbing emergencies can be at your own home. Busted pipes, extreme clogs, etc. can lead to water damage, unusable utilities and ultimately, tons of money spent. Now imagine the hassle that plumbing emergencies can cause for business owners!  While we at Shakely Mechanical certainly do work for residential areas, we are also proud to come to the rescue when commercial clients need our help. We have even worked with franchises such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Ruby Tuesdays, and Taco Bell! We mention these businesses by name because as restaurants, they may be more prone to having plumbing issues. Their kitchens are constantly active, and their bathrooms see a ton of use from their customers all day long. So how can a commercial building prevent plumbing emergencies from happening in the first place? Here are three main tips. 1. Be sure that only the appropriate materials are being flushed! You can trust yourself and your employees to know proper etiquet