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Benefits of Geothermal Units

Winter isn’t over yet! Over the last few days, we’ve experienced some frigid weather in the North Central Ohio area, and you’re likely running your heat at a higher temperature than usual. You might be wishing you didn’t have to spend so much just to keep your home or business warm. What if we told you that we could make this wish come true? While Shakley Mechanical offers traditional HVAC services, we are proud to also provide geothermal heating and cooling units to our customers! We have noticed that customers who choose the geothermal units have a significant decrease in their utility bills. Geothermal units also provide air conditioning, water heating, and radiant heating services. Installing a geothermal unit offers a more regulated heating and cooling supply! Call us today to learn more!  There are so many wonderful benefits to using geothermal units! In this blog, we’ll go over some of the most important advantages they provide: They save you money! We already ment