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Your Furnace & You: A Heating Story

 Winter is steadily creeping up on Ohio residents and it's that time of year to be thinking about your furnace. How long have I had it? Do I need to get it replaced? Why is it so cold one day and boiling hot the next? If you're asking these questions to your self, or you have an imaginary friend on your should speaking it to you, either way you should look no further than Shakley Mechanical to put your mind at ease.  Discover which type of furnace you nee today!     Before purchasing a new  furnace, you need to decide what type of furnace you need. There are three types of furnaces: single-stage, two-stage or a modulating furnace.  A single - stage furnace is either always on or off. This means that it's always pumping at the hottest air at the highest velocity possible. It is quite noisy though and it is known to be very inconsistent with it's temperatures  So if you have a finished basement or thin walls, this may be a deterrent for you. On the flip side, it is on the