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Seasonal Plumbing Tips For Winter

      Most people underestimate the value of having good, solid piping and structure in their homes. Ultimately, having a good understanding of plumbing and the problems that come along with it can help you greatly in the future. Winter is here to stay and frozen pipes are bound to become an issue in many homes across the country. Stay ahead of the curve with these tips on how to prevent or at least minimize the damage that can be done to the plumbing.      Holiday visitors can add extra strain to a home's plumbing system. Cooking a slew of meals in the kitchen likely results in lots of grease and food being thrown into the disposal or sink drain. Holiday guests also equate to more showers and baths as well as extra toilet flushes. This all adds up to a potential plumbing disaster. Pipes clog because of gradual build up of grease, hair, soap and food particles. It doesn't take much to cause an emergency.      1. Try to avoid pouring fats or cooking oil down the drain. Liquid fa